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SEO changes (Must need to know)

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Hello everyone,

As usual i am back with something new and interesting, Today i am going to discuss about SEO changes made till date.

Many of you have heard about SEO strategies like,

Search Engine Submission
Directory Submission
Forum Posting
Article submission
Create WordPress Templates
Press Release
Link Exchanges – Reciprocal and Non reciprocal
Classified submission

and many more…………

now what i am going to say will shock you all, “These SEO strategies are no longer effective to get higher rank in Google”.

Google Algorithm changes which are announced so far has destroyed all the strategies, now white hat SEO are no longer effective.

If you are regular user of google search engine then you might be aware that google is showing many irrelevant results from last few months.

I am sure that you all wanted to know that why? – well the answer is simple, google is trying to show personalized results on search pages for giving more benefits to his Google AdWords customers.

Here is the solution for it.

Nowadays black hat, grey hat and blue hat SEO types gained power back.

You can try blue hat or grey hat to get higher rank in less time. Google will not penalize you for that because according to Google’s latest updates and upcoming updates results terms will be completely different not white hat SEO anymore for sure.

The moral of the story is Forget White hat SEO if you don’t want to waste your time and money, i can suggest you some of the best tricks to beat Google in every single way.

If you still want to try white hat SEO techniques then you can but remember my words “It will take years to get good results”.

Every business has value of time and money so, think about it first and only getting visitors and traffic will not work in near future. how much business you will be able to generate after spending lots of money behind SEO and other marketing techniques will be considered first.

If you want to survive in SEO industry then you need to change your strategies.

I will post something more upon this very soon.

Thank You
Krushang Shah