How to run Multiple Antivirus on PC\Laptop?

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As we all know that virus a worst thing and to deal with it we have to use an Antivirus but every antivirus have it’s own capacity to detect the virus because every antivirus companies makes their own virus so that it can get more and more business so it will detect only virus which is created by the company so to detect and remove various kinds of virus from your PC\Laptop (Remember : – This suggestion is all about removing any kind of virus only) First open any search engine and then search for “Top 5 Antivirus\Top 10 Antivirus” then download the free versions of it and then just install it (Note : – Install it one by one and after installing it just open to the “msconfig” from run and then disable startup and services of that software.

Now after installing all you will get the various scan option in the right click menu of folder\drive which belongs to every single antivirus software you have installed.

It’s not necessary to keep alive that antivirus software to scan a particular folder or drive so if you think that there is a virus then just scan your drive\folder\pendrive with various option and remove every single kind of virus.


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